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Knee Replacement

In founding Gustafson Orthopeadics, Dr. Gustafson wanted to create a joint treatment center where patients would receive the specialized, individualized care they need because each patient's condition is unique, physical, emotional, and financial. Dr. Gustafson believes that a personalized approach to patient care is best.

Dr. Gustafson supervises patient care and performs all surgical procedures. His personal staff of orthopedic nurses, technologists, and physician assistants, as well as his clerical and administrative staff, share his commitment to personalized care and take pride in getting to know each patient individually.

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Joint Pain Dr. Gustafson is a world-renowned expert in total joint replacement (TJR) and reconstruction.
Throughout his career, Dr. Gustafson has dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence in joint replacement and reconstruction. Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Knee Replacement Joint Pain
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Staff members are available to tend to patient needs, including scheduling, insurance, billing, and other medical

Patients and their family members are encouraged to ask questions and offer suggestions.
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Our completely secure and confidential patient services section allows you to make appointments, fill out your pre-visit paperwork, check the doctor’s schedule, and refill prescriptions with just a few simple clicks.
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Knee Replacement
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