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Total Joint Replacement
Common CausesCommon Causes of Joint Pain
Conservative TreatmentConservative Treatment Options
Elective ApproachAn Elective Approach to Surgery
Surgical InterventionExpert Surgical Intervention
Joint ReplacementTotal Joint Replacement
When you stand, sit, walk, or extend any limb, your are using your joints, those connecting points that hold your skeleton together, while allowing your bones to rotate or swivel. When joints become diseased or injured, the resulting pain can severely limit your ability to move and work. If joint pain is interfering with your daily activities such as walking, getting out of a chair, or participating in sports, contact Gustafson Orthopaedics and take the first step toward restoring your mobility and independence.
Common Causes of Joint Pain
Age, stress, and disease can make joints stiffen in much the same way as wear and a lack of lubrication can cause stiffness and squeaking in mechanical hinges. The most common joint problem is arthritis, which afflicts about 43 million Americans, or nearly 20% of the population.

In patients with arthritis, the joint’s cartilage lining wears away, allowing the bones to rub against each other, resulting in friction, swelling, stiffness, instability, and sometimes deformity. Severe arthritis can cause crippling pain when sufferers bend, walk, climb stairs, or even sit.

Joint pain can also be caused by deformity or by direct injury to the joint, as in the case of trauma or a sports injury. Sometimes, joint pain is made worse by avoiding use of a painful joint, which weakens the muscles and makes the joint even more difficult to move.

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Conservative Treatment Options
For many patients, it is reassuring to know that at Gustafson Orthopaedics we explore all conservative treatment options before surgery is considered.
Medication – anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to help relieve pain and swelling.

Physical therapy – specific exercises recommended by a physical therapist may help keep joints flexible, reduce stiffness, and build muscle strength.
Joint fluid supplements – “joint grease” injections that lubricate the damaged joint may provide temporary pain relief, but not a cure.

If conservative treatments prove inadequate, Dr. Gustafson may be able to relieve your joint pain with minimally invasive surgical solutions.

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An Elective Approach to Surgery
The decision to undergo total joint replacement surgery is highly personal. Only you can decide whether the extent of your pain and disability warrant the operation. When corrective surgery is being considered, you can be sure that Dr. Gustafson will provide you with:
  • A thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis
  • In-depth information about your condition and the most effective treatment recommendations
  • A full recovery and rehabilitation program
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Expert Surgical Intervention
Patients who elect to have surgery can be reassured that Dr. Gustafson is renowned for his experience and expertise in total joint replacement. After surgery, our staff is fully trained to guide you through every phase of your recovery and rehabilitation.
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Total Joint Replacement - A Safe and Successful Procedure
Total joint replacement—when performed by highly qualified surgeons like Dr. Gustafson—is one of the safest and most successful types of major surgery. Reserved for patients who are no longer managing well with conservative treatments, TJR has been shown to dramatically relieve pain and improve function in more than 90% of patients. TJR is the surgical removal of diseased joint surfaces and the implantation of a new artificial joint (prosthesis). As a leader and an innovator in TJR, Dr. Gustafson utilizes the latest TJR techniques and technologies – including state-of-the-art implant materials.

For example, stronger and lighter materials are being used in joint implants. Titanium, ceramic, and new plastic joint liners can significantly increase the lifespan of the prosthesis, leading to greater success particularly among younger, more active patients.

Dr. Gustafson has performed over 4000 hip and knee joint replacements, and is often called on to perform more complex joint surgeries to replace or repair existing artificial joints.
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Joint Replacement Total Joint Replacement
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