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Your joints are involved in almost every kind of physical activity, including simple movements such as walking, bending, and turning. If you suffer from joint pain, you know how severely it can limit your ability to move and work.

To relieve your joint pain, you want "the best" of care. Dr. Allen Gustafson is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon renowned for his experience, skill, and accomplishments in joint replacement and reconstruction.

As founder and director of Gustafson Orthopaedics, Dr. Gustafson, together with his dedicated staff, can provide:
  • Thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis of joint pain
  • Effective treatment recommendations
  • Patient education resources
  • Expert surgical intervention, if needed
  • A complete recovery program
dr. g Dr. Gustafson is a world-renowned expert in total joint replacement (TJR) and reconstruction.
Throughout his career, Dr. Gustafson has dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence in joint replacement and reconstruction. dr. g's bio
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Patients and their family members are encouraged to ask questions and offer suggestions.
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