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Daniel Metrie is a 48 year old man who is married and has three children. He has been a jeweler for the past thirty years and owns his own jewelry store.

Dan's favorite physical activity is walking twice a day. At the age of forty-six he was unable to walk as he liked to. "I had tremendous pain on my left side; I couldn't walk two times a day any longer. I was on Celebrex for the pain and had a CT scan to find out what was going on." Dan says.

Dr. Gustafson was recommended to Dan by a good friend of his and a long time patient of ours. "Dr. Gustafson told me I needed a left total hip replacement; I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. I'm not the kind of person that needs to think something like that over. I was in pain and just needed to know what the solution was. We scheduled surgery soon after."

Dan was given a ceramic on ceramic left total hip replacement. "Everything went so smooth, without a hitch," Dan says, "I was back at work within three weeks of surgery."

Dan was also impressed with Dr. Gustafson's attention to total detail and quest for perfection. "I was the first patient having surgery that day and I remember Dr. Gustafson was unsatisfied with the operating room my surgery was to be performed in. He had the entire room re-cleaned and set up to his standards, I'll never forget that."

When asked how his overall experience was Dan said, "It was a ten in terms of overall experience. I don't miss a day of walking now and could not be more pleased with outcome of my surgery. I keep Dr. Gustafson's brochures and cards at my store and anytime I see someone come in who looks like they are struggling with a hip or knee, I open up a brochure and tell them he's who they need to go see."
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