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Ina is a 58 year old woman active in sports including skiing, tennis and competitive team golf.

"I damaged my right knee in a ski accident and finally broke my ACL playing tennis. My arthritis was also getting worse and causing swelling. I had difficulty walking when I got up after sitting for a few hours."

"A friend recommended I see Dr. Gustafson. At my first appointment with Dr. G, I found him to be very thorough. After examining my knee, it became clear it was worse than I had originally thought – he said the cartilage in my knee was worn down so badly that my knee was literally bone-on-bone."

"In lieu of surgery, Dr. G first recommended Synvisc® injections. I did a series of three shots and it did help enough to get me through a vacation with my husband. The Synvisc® injections also helped me finish the golf team season."

"Even though the Synvisc® injections got me through the season, my golf game was suffering. My handicap went from a 10 to a 16, but I didn't want to give up something I loved at such a young age. I was fine mentally, but physically I wanted my life back."

"In June, I had my right knee replacement surgery and started physical therapy 3 times a week. My goal was to be back on the golf course by September 1st and I made that goal. I was back on the golf course in only 8 weeks! I was careful and my game started coming back – my handicap went back down 2 points, my swing was more pure and I got an award for most improved player. Then in November I got a hole-in-one on the first shot of the day in a scramble."

"When I was released from the hospital on July 4th, I really felt like I was getting back my independence."

"I continued physical therapy until the end of October. I was able to take a trip in mid-October with my husband. We stayed at The Mansion Bed & Breakfast with 3 flight of stairs – no problem. I was able to travel in the car and sit for several hours. I really feel that I'm in better shape now because I'm able to be active again."

"Dr. G really treats his patients like family. I had flowers from him in the hospital and he sent me a birthday card. He really is too good to be true. The only problem I had in the hospital was that I was put into a room with two other patients and I was having trouble sleeping. Dr. G arranged to get me into a room with only one other patient and I was able to sleep much better."

"I just can't praise Dr. G enough. He actually sees the patient as a person – not just another number having surgery that day. Pain does something to your life – when you are not in pain, your life is automatically better. He gave me back my life – I'm so happy and looking forward to the rest of my life."

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