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Maureen is a 55 year old woman who is active in sports, including swimming, playing and managing fast-pitch baseball and playing with her very active grandchildren. She has also worked in a dental office for 15 years assisting in oral surgery. Her job requires that she be on her feet most of the day and assist in lifting patients during surgery.

Maureen first had a total knee replacement of her left knee by another orthopedic surgeon when she was only 49 years of age. "The surgeon that did my first surgery retired and referred me to Dr. Gustafson. I really thought I was going to need another revision of my left knee and was having pain in my right knee."

"Dr. G didn't feel that I needed another knee replacement yet and started me on a series of Synvisc® injections. The first series of Synvisc® injections eased my pain for two years, but I wasn't ready to have another knee replacement. Dr. G gave me another series of Synvisc® and gave me another year. I was putting it off, but my knee was deteriorating and I finally had the right total knee replacement in August of last year."

"I was very grateful that Dr. G tried the non-invasive option of Synvisc® injections before doing the left knee replacement. I would not have known about that option if I hadn't found Dr. G."

"My recovery was so much easier the second time because of the differences in technology between today and six years ago. Having a positive frame of mind and doing the physical therapy were also key to getting back on my feet more quickly. I was back to work in 3 months. My first week back to work was a little difficult, but by the second week I was picking up speed. After one month back to work, I was completely up to speed."

"I think Dr. G is fantastic. He is really on the cutting edge of technology and he has a great staff. He and his staff make you feel so comfortable - it warms your heart to see a doctor's office that really caters to their patient's needs. Dr. G took the time to answer all of my questions and really made me feel as if no question was a stupid question. Even though I'm sure he hears the same questions over and over every day, he takes the time to answer as if he is answering for the first time."

"As far as I am concerned, Dr. G and his staff give the ultimate in patient care."

"Before my knee replacement, I had to give up so much and was feeling old. Even walking and getting into the pool was difficult. Now I'm like a whole new person and feeling young again. I recently ran into a friend that didn't know I'd had surgery and she said "What have you done? You look younger and like you have so much more energy.
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