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Richard is a 65 year old man who loves to walk and ride bikes with his wife Luz. He owns two businesses; a retail jewelry store and a Latino music record label called LCR records (; both keep him very busy.

Richard began to have problems with both knees at the age of 57. He decided to seek Dr. Gustafson's expertise at the age of 59 and was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. "I felt honored to be treated by him," Richard says. Richard and Dr. Gustafson decided to prolong surgery and try some alternative treatments so that in a few years to come Richard could be a recipient of a new knee technology that would be coming on the market.

Dr. Gustafson prescribed Celebrex to help ease the pain. "It was very helpful and took the pain and swelling away. It lasted for about a year", Richard said. Dr. Gustafson also injected Synvisc into each of his knees and Richard felt that "it was effective for about 6-7 months. I came back in for another set of injections and they had no benefit for me that second time."

Richard waited approximately two years after the injections until he decided he "couldn't take it anymore. I fell down a couple of times and could no longer handle the pain." Although the new knee technology was not yet ready, on September 30th of last year, Richard had his left knee replaced, which was the better of the two knees. It took him approximately 2 and a half months of physical therapy before he was able to stop using his cane. The surgery was a great success and the following May Richard had his right knee replaced. This time he was done using his cane after only six weeks from the date of his surgery.

Richard in part attributes his successful recovery to his therapist in the hospital, Khalid, "pushing me to work harder." Khalid has worked with Dr. Gustafson for many years and performs physical therapy on all of our patients during their hospital stay.

"Dr. Gustafson has been an inspiration to me and is one of the greatest surgeons I've every met…he is an artist, you can hardly see my scars," Richard says. He now has 97% of his motion back in both knees and is excited to finally be getting on with his pain free life. "I have no pain when I walk now, it's unbelievable."

"I was treated very special by Dr. Gustafson and I know he treats all of his patients that way."

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